Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: Finish MIS subject ::

huhhhhhhhh.. what a day. today kitorg dah abis satu subjek dalm sem 3 ni iaitu subjek MIS. kalo ikutkan aku sepatutnyer la mesti lebih faham daripada semua dak2 klas MBA tu..sbb my first degree was IT (Interactive Media)... tp masalahnye, aku mmg x minat IT pun... i like using the technologies but to learn about the things behind the technologies just like a disaster to me.. hahaha

So, td is our last class with our beloved PM Dr. Habibah (very nice lect).. we did our last presentation which is our website ( but b4 that we sat for our exam... hopefully we will get flying colours... hehe (berangan)...

Regarding the website that we created.. just a simple website that shows our passion towards the bridal business... haha.. thanx to khi razikee n Ina'z Alwi for the comments.. wakakka... Sorry guys, the web just ok but not very good.. hahaha... click the url to view the website.. hehe

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